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CloudFerro Cloud

Provided by CloudFerro

CloudFerro's Cloud services chosen by thousands of Earth Observation data professionals. Accessible through five independent public cloud regions in Poland and Germany, all regions provide immediate access to Earth Observation data, including Copernicus datasets such as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-5P, and additional datasets like Landsat. All clients have access to premium support that covers both Cloud and Earth Observation.

  • Immediate access to Earth Observation data collections
  • Easy GUI tools and API for data discovery and processing
  • Flexible and transparent financing options, no hidden costs
  • Cost-effective Spot virtual machines as an alternative to traditional VMs
  • Open source standard

Open Telekom Cloud

Provided by T-Systems

Cloud services are provided in three geo-redundant twin-core data centers with nine availability zones in Netherlands (Region NL), Germany (Region DE) and Switzerland (Region CH). Earth Observation data is stored in Region NL which is designed to support especially the science community with high speed internet and Geant access, scalable IaaS and PaaS services and special pricing conditions.

  • Access to Earth Observation Data collections
  • Sustainable and secure infrastructure
  • 2x100 Gbit connection to Geant network
  • Cost-effective and scalable IaaS and PaaS Services
  • Science-Pricing including free data egress


Yes, each user who want to buy CREODIAS services need to register an account, providing proper billing address and organization with registered TAX ID in your country as a legal entity, educational or research institute. 

Each user can test the service using our free trial option. To do so, you must be a registered user. Once your free trial order has been approved, our support department will add 250 test credits to your wallet. The credits can be used for all services on the price list.

On the CREODIAS Platform, users can purchase CloudFerro or Open Telekom Cloud services. There is also a selection of data services, including the SentinelHub platform from Sinergise or openEO from VITO.

Please note that CloudFerro's services within CREODIAS are commercial offerings exclusively intended for business entities, not for individual customers. Individuals interested in accessing Copernicus data should use the CDSE services instead.

There are two types of contracts to choose from. Pay Per Use, in which the user funds the wallet and uses the funds according to the consumption according to the price list. Fixed-Term, the user buys resources for a specific period of time based on demand. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual contracts are possible.

Depending on the service vendor you have different types of billing modes.

In Pay per use method, you need to add founds to your wallet and you will be charged hourly based on our price list.

In fixed term method you can buy services for month or longer period. You will be charged monthly with the invoices depending on the period contract with the prices based on our price list.

Once the account has been registered correctly, the user has the option of setting up 2FA at first login using dedicated Authenticator app. This is mandatory for user safety.

If you have any query, contact us. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

We will answer all Your questions as soon as possible.